The Department of Mineral and Waste Processing boasts very well equipped workshops and laboratories, as well as a pilot plant building.  A list of the equipment is shown on this page.

The Institute and its expert staff provide the following services:

Market and feasibility studies

  • Market analyses on waste streams and recycling processes
  • Feasibility studies for waste recovery processes
  • Feasibility studies for raw material processing methods 

Process development

  • Processing methods for primary resources, especially complex ores
  • Processing methods for metal containing and mineral waste streams
  • Processing methods for industrial wastewater from metal-producing and metal-processing operations
  • Soil and tip remediation in the metals sector
  • Mechanical activation in production processes 


  • Inorganic chemical analysis
  • X-ray structure analysis (diffractometry)
  • Particle size analysis (sieve analysis, laser diffraction)

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