Research Activities

Research activities of the chair for Waste Disposal Technologies and Geomechanics are characterized by works dealing with the coupled thermal-hydraulic-mechanical-chemical (THMC) behaviour of underground excavations. Hereby of particular significance are investigations into the safety case, the integrity and the load bearing behaviour of repositories for radioactive waste disposal, underground waste disposal facilities for thermotoxic waste and underground energy storage sites. Important elements of investigations into the safety case and load bearing behaviour are given by laboratory tests to determine the thermomechanical-hydraulic coupled material behaviour of the rock mass (rock salt, claystone, crystalline) considering varying impacts as well as evolution, verification and validation of constitutive models used to image the static stability, tightness und integrity of underground excavations in space and time.


Leading research projects:

  • load bearing behaviour of underground excavations (salt cavities, repositories, underground waste disposal facilities, tunnel, underground pump storage stations, mining excavations)
  • laboratory investigations (hard rock, waste, backfill)
  • evolution of constitutive models (coupled thermal-mechanical-hydraulic-chemical processes)
  • evolution of software for numerical modelling (FEM, FDM)
  • evolution of design and safety concepts
  • geotechnical safety analysis for underground excavations

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